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The OpenTerminal Partner Program consists of two plans:

OpenTerminal SDK Reseller Partner and OpenTerminal Platform Partner.

Apply now to become an OpenTerminal Partner & enjoy a variety of benefits.



The OpenTerminal Partner Program offers two partner programs. The OpenTerminal SDK Reseller Partner program focuses on generating revenue while also providing the OpenTerminal SDK to the fintech service. With the OpenTerminal SDK, the fintech service provider allows its users to pay each other using their smartphones. The OpenTerminal Platform Partner program focuses on interoperating a fintech service with OpenTerminal and any third-party fintech service. With OpenTerminal Platform, the fintech service provider allows its users to make payments with the OpenTerminal and any third-party fintech service.
Becoming a partner is simple:
  1. To become an OpenTerminal SDK reseller partner, your company has a number of sales representatives and engineers. However, if your company only wants to work as a sales partner, your company will be contracted as a sales agent under the partner in your country.
  2. To become an OpenTerminal Platform Partner, your company should already have fintech services. We welcome any cryptocurrency service and payment service provider in Europe and the US.
For more information, please fill out the “Partner Application Form” below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

By becoming an OpenTerminal SDK reseller partner, you will receive our full educational training package, partner sales website, and knowledge-base access. Once you register your sales deal on the partner website, you’ll receive upfront product discounts, sales protection, and tips.

Besides that, if your company becomes an OpenTerminal Platform partner, you can use OpenTerminal SDK to work with OpenTerminal free of charge.



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