OpenTerminal Platform

Make your payment service natural and secure!

OpenTerminal SDK makes your mobile payment service work like a contactless payment card and terminal.

Apply the Card and Terminal API in OpenTerminal SDK on your mobile payment app!

Tap-based natural payment UX

OpenTerminal SDK has been prepared for the bank or the or fintech service providers.  We want to provide a cutting edge user interface like ApplePay and SamsungPay to the fintech service providers.  
Natural payment UX is key to make your fintech service success.  We want to support the fintech service providers from the traditional banks to the brand new cryptocurrency services.

Payment API for Mobile Card and Terminal

OpenTerminal SDK provides two APIs and libraries for the mobile card and terminal to the SW developers. 

By adding the card API and library on the payer’s mobile app and the terminal API and library on the payee’s mobile app, you can make your differentiated mobile fintech services work like a contactless payment card and terminal.  

Secure BLE based
Payee's Auto Verification

OpenTerminal SDK makes your payment service secure.  When the payee is ready to receive money using your mobile app installed with the Terminal API, it emits the payee’s ID and the authentication code changing every 60 seconds through BLE radiofrequency. If the payer launches your payment app installed with the Card API,  It automatically authenticates the payee’s ID and OTP code in the BLE signal and presents the information of the payee on the payer’s smartphone.  

FIDO based Payer's Biometric Authentication

OpenTerminal SDK provides a FIDO biometric authentication technology to your payment app.   

Biometric user authentication is the trend. By adding the internal biometric standard on your fintech app, make your app secure and credible.